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Chronic Care Support


The Chronic Care Package adds several additional components to your at-home support.

Medication Reminders: Adhering to complicated medication administration schedules is a big challenge. 40% of older Americans used five or more prescription drugs in the past month. Excessive prescribing or medication interactions are an acknowledged safety risk for older Americans, and contribute to adverse drug events, medication compliance issues, and increased health care costs. FCA has devices with automated reminders and medication tracking systems to help with these issues. Other services to help with medications are phone-calls and video- surveillance. Vital Signs Collection: With health trends toward more self management of chronic disease, regaining control of your healthcare is more important than ever and yet increasingly difficult. Many automated devices are very expensive and still require more patient steps than many can do reliably. FCA has identified devices that are reliable, affordable, and easy to use. We have also developed simple ways to remind you and gather the information from you while educating you about your health. Dietary Coach: Successful dieting involves consistency and attention to detail. One of the reasons Weight-Watchers and TOPS have been successful is that you are in a group striving to accomplish a common goal. FCA combines support and encouragement with friendly competition and accountability. FCA's health coach can play an important role. Having regular weekly check- ins from the comfort of your own home allows universal access. Remote Personal Trainer: Research has shown that exercise and strength-training can be very beneficial at any age and with any health condition. The obstacle is often fitting it into one's regular routine. The FCA approach is to incorporate it into your daily activity at-home without any equipment cost or travel time required. Your FCA health coach will regularly teach, encourage, and challenge you to make it a more important part of your daily routine. With access to your area YMCA, additional social support and guidance can be provided. Chronic Care Assessment and Management: Family physicians and specialists can help you from the convenience of your own home through the telemedicine capabilities of the Full Circle America system. Your ongoing medical concerns and recently developed ones can be addressed in their proper context by providing healthcare that integrates information from the healthcare system and from you in your own home. FCA founder Dr Allan Teel has created easy to understand questions to be asked when your vital signs change or your chronic disease management suggests further investigation. Evidence-based protocols focused on COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Wound Care, and Healthier Lifestyles, combined with ongoing vital signs, video input, medication adherence, and virtual housecalls allow for a comprehensive at home medical evaluation available nowhere else. Communication with your regular doctor and nurse is emphasized. Acute Medical Problem: Part of the FCA early symptom detection program is to embed a 7- question survey into a customized caregiver “Instant Report”, so that every time a personal care attendant, a family caregiver, or an FCA “Friendly Caller” speaks with a member, there is an opportunity to identify the development of a new cardiac or respiratory symptom that could signal a change in health. Such a new symptom is integrated with the vital signs and video monitoring observations to initiate either contact with the primary care provider or a virtual house call on short notice. The Virtual House Call: FCA members anywhere who have developed a new set of symptoms either in isolation or on top of a pre-existing chronic condition, can receive an at-home virtual house-call by utilizing a telemedicine kit (that includes an electronic stethoscope, electronic otoscope, high definition camera, transmitting vital signs and  EKG devices, connected to a 2-way video calling platform and an open EMR) carried to the home by a home care provider for an interview, real-time remote physical exam, data review, and assessment by board-certified specialists. Then your informed primary care physician can recommend a specific treatment that will likely save you a trip to the emergency room and the usual exhausting and often dangerous events that can follow. Integrating this service with your home care service providers works best.
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