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The Circle of Caring: Most of us already have many important relationships. Some are with family that are nearby or far-away. Some are with people we've lost touch with as they moved away or had changes in their health or circumstance. Some are casual acquaintances: neighbors we greet on the street, in the grocery store, or at church. Some are newly made. All are starting points for building a community that most overlook. FCA's relationship with you includes finding out about your “circle.”
Circle of Caring
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Full Circle America builds your Circle of Caring with you and your needs in the center. During our enrollment interview, we identify family, friends, neighbors, volunteers and paid service providers to make up other circles of support around you to provide a rich, integrated, solution unique to you. By asking you to participate as a volunteer for someone else in need, we can give you purpose, improve your health, and ensure that the whole enterprise is more affordable.
Circle of caring