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The Circle of Caring

The Circle of Caring: Most of us already have many important relationships. Some are with family that are nearby or far-away. Some are with people we've lost touch with as they moved away or had changes in their health or circumstance. Some are casual acquaintances: neighbors we greet on the street, in the grocery store, or at church. Some are newly made. All are starting points for building a community that most overlook. FCA's relationship with you includes finding out about your “circle.”
Full Circle America has most assuredly taken a pressing weight off my shoulders. I live a distance from my brother and really never felt eased with just a frequent phone conversations. As soon as FCA was on the scene I was able to “tune in” and see him at his home. I knew that FCA checked in on him many times during the day…. and I must add that the wonderful women who represented FCA was a true God-send. She is accommodating, caring, always there when the need is present. She has become our friend. Many many thanks for FCA.                ------Sincerely, Jeanne H, New York John
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