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Virtual Assisted Living Platform
Geriatric Consultations
Decision making around a frail parent’s living situation is tough. You are usually working with only limited information or partial reporting from your loved one.  Everyone from your friends to your parents’ neighbors are telling you what to do but  they are not in your shoes. You are on the hot seat. Now comes the time for ‘The Conversation.’ Not since preparing for the “Birds and the Bees” discussion with our young children have most felt so uncomfortable. Full Circle America staff have been through this conversation many times. Many have been very challenging but none insurmountable. We believe one of our premier values to our member families is to offer to coordinate and moderate such a discussion once or twice a year through an online conference call at a time most convenient for the participants. Getting all the issues out in the open, helping family members frame their message, and arriving at an acceptable group plan are strengths of the FCA Approach. This service is available on our standard package. Throughout our relationship with our members and their families, FCA staff go out of their way to try to provide guidance, perspective, and support whenever required and whatever the situation.. We will try to problem-solve with you. We try to not avoid delicate issues while being diplomatic. Through our careers, we’ve encountered a wide variety of issues, and will do our best to help you with yours.