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Personal  Care
Virtual Assisted Living Platform
It’s important to have care at home when needed. A little bit of personal care can go a long way to keeping you healthy, staying out of the hospital, and fighting loneliness and depression. Don’t feel bad about accepting help, you’ve earned it.  Many times elders don’t get the help they need and are overcome by a sickness or chronic illness that could of been prevented if it had been seen to sooner. Always let someone know if your health changes or you are experiencing new symptoms. Getting treatment before symptoms escalate usually means a shorter recovery time and may help you stay out of the hospital. The frequency of care can usually be adjusted as the need arises, more when you are discharged, less as you get stronger. Help comes in many forms including making meals, light housework, bathing and grooming, vital sign collection, companionship, reading and writing mail, and outings. Get the help you need and stay home.
Serving Queens and Long Island, NY
Serving Lower Bucks County, PA
Serving Central Maine
Serving Lincoln County Maine.
Our Caregiver Report App helps us keep in touch with the caregivers in the field. In just seconds the caregiver reports on their visit and it is logged into our system.
Some of our partners who can help you find companion and personal care are: