Full Circle America                       Empowered Aging

Full Circle America

supports elders living in the

comfort of their own homes,

living their lives to the fullest

using technology, social

networking, and life


By pairing local care with FCA services and technology you have hands-on personal support and around the clock back up. Using both to your advantage helps you stay in your home, where you want to be, at a fraction of the cost of assisted living. We support elders with a circle of caring and purposeful living: To help older individuals stay at home To provide peace of mind to their adult children To help each community tap their 'hidden resource' of elders To make medical care easier and more understandable

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, high tech and high touch, person centric, community- based, supportive living for elders and those with disabilities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to fundamentally change elder care one family, one community at a time.
It’s a wonderful tool for us to check in our our parents and make sure they are doing okay. I also like the fact that other relatives and members of your staff are looking in on my parents as well. I can easily check their history and view reports with just a few clicks of the mouse. The cameras are a great feature which make me feel like I am right there with them even though I am over five thousand miles away in Hawaii. Thank you for a great service to our famliy.                                 ----   Sincerely, Rick B, Hawaii Rocky and Marge
 I relied heavily on the Full Circle America video platform throughout my caregiving duties……. worth every penny!             Elisa T,. New York I wouldn’t be able to stay in my beautiful home with out the help of FCA. My daughter can’t be here all the time and knowing the FCA staff is always there if I need something is truely a load of my shoulders and my daughters. PO Box 484  Damariscotta Maine 04543 Info@FullCircleAmerica.com ph: 1-888-873-8817 fax: 1-888-919-7737