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Life Management
Virtual Assisted Living Platform
As mom and/or dad grow older, it often becomes harder for them to do many of the regular duties  they used to do easily and reliably: taking out the trash, going to the store, fixing a faucet, doing a load of laundry, changing a light bulb, making an eye doctor’s appointment, or arranging a trip to the dentist. Full Circle America has created an assessment tool that you can fill out to get started drilling down into the details that must be addressed to help your parents remain independent. Each activity of daily living can be broken down into its component parts for problem-solving. Whether it is keeping track of medication admin- istration, assembling a shopping list, creating a bill-paying sequence, we have experience and tools to get you the help you need. If the issues are transportation, errands, or repairs, Full Circle America can find reliable and affordable service providers to give you peace of mind. If you need personal care to help with housekeeping chores,meal planning and preparation, maintaining your hygiene or appearance, or providing companionship, FCA has experience finding qualified individuals well suited to your preferences. Part of life management is also making sure that diet and exercise needs are not neglected. It is important that fun be a top priority too. Just because some situations are challenging or stressful, doesn’t mean we should lose our sense of humor. Learning new things, getting out into the community, doing something simple to help someone else are other FCA objectives for each member to embrace. Not all of these things can happen all at once. But we intend to be there with you for the long haul. Our relationship will develop over time and according to your expressed wishes, like it should! We  know you worry about these things. Working together we can achieve a solution that will allow you to provide the support you desire for them.