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Virtual Assisted Living Platform
 Many people wrongly assume their long-term care will be paid for by the government. Home-based care is rarely paid for unless you are completely home-bound or totally broke.  A nursing home costs about $10,000/month and is initially paid for out of your own pocket.  Most people exhaust their retirement savings in a year or two for an option they didn’t really want. After you run out of money, Medicaid or State Assistance will pay for a nursing home,             but take all but $45/month from your Social Security check. Assisted Living Facilities are often less institutional, cost less (around $6000/month),               but are almost always privately paid.           At-home direct care averages $20-25/hour out-of-pocket. Few people can afford around-the-clock care.                                                Compare the monthly costs of Private Duty Care, Nursing Home, Assisted Living and Full Circle America  programs.(Surprisingly the average nursing home patient receives only 2 hours of personal care and 20 minutes of nursing care daily.)  In FCA packages we include the average cost of rent, personal care, food, utilities and nursing care to make the comparisons more realistic. Full Circle America services change as your needs change. Personal care needs vary when your adult children are away or after an illness. You may need someone to shop for you only during the winter months.                                             Flexibility is the key. “Whatever it takes” is our motto.                                                                                                                  
FULL CIRCLE AMERICA is tailor-made for you. It makes good sense to only pay for a few hours of targeted  personal care while maintaining your independence and relying on much more inexpensive, less obtrusive  remote video monitoring to provide your back-up support. As you age, you may need more personal care, but  the total number of hours you will need to pay for are still reduced by 75%. At-home direct care averages $20-  25/hour out-of-pocket. Few people can afford around-the-clock care.  Many saved for retirement but never  expected things to cost so much or to live so long. 90% of older individuals would rather live at home,  surrounded by family, pets and a lifetime of memories.