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What is the “New Approach” to elder care? Our new approach represents a paradigm shift in how we age, and it is emerging as the national model for elder care in the United States. It engages our elders in living, and champions their capabilities and capacity to remain vital members of their communities. It provides valuable new tools like video calling, recording and conferencing with old-fashioned neighborly visits so these seniors may remain independent and empowered to make and engage in their own social circles making a true  difference in the fabric of communities. Isn't finding a good assisted living home or nursing home the best option for my mom? Not necessarily. If your mom or dad has lived in the same home for 20 or 30 years, and is surrounded by special memories of a lifetime, such a move may be very unsettling. If your mom or dad has always been independent, or very private, such a move may not be desirable. If your mom or dad has some memory issues, having to adapt to a new environment may be difficult or even impossible. My Dad needs a lot of help. Isn't his situation too advanced for your approach? Actually, our approach has already succeeded very nicely with individuals with very significant memory impairment as well as with those with advanced physical problems due to arthritis, stroke or heart disease. Give us a call. We will exceed your expectations. My mom doesn't like technology. How could your approach suit my situation?  Our basic technology is what we call passive technology. It requires no participation or interaction on the part of your mom or dad to give you great peace of mind. We also utilize other devices that have been used successfully by many with advanced dementia Isn't remote monitoring an invasion of privacy? Our older members, from age 85- 104, are glad to know someone is checking on them. They appreciate that there are options to help them stay at home. We consider moving someone into an institution to share a double room and bathroom with complete strangers, and having to downsize to share a bureau and a closet, is a vastly larger invasion of his/her privacy. How can your technology help address my parent's need for more human connections and less isolation? Our technology is only part of our approach. We promote human interaction through peer-to-peer telephone calls and prefer to supplement our remote technology supervision with on-site visits, personal care services, and community outings. We also offer some interactive technologies identified and adapted to meet your parent's needs. Living so far away from mom I worry about her meals, caregivers, hygiene, and medications.  How can FCA take away some of the worry? With permission you are able to do virtual “check ins” as well on your desktop, tablet or phone.  Let us know what your concerns are and we’ll make sure they are addressed. We welcome your input as well as friends, caregivers and community groups. 
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