Empowered Aging

Quick Call Button

Our Quick Button is also a ‘easy call’ communication device to make contact simple and loneliness less likely. Worn around the neck, on the wrist, or on the belt, the member can push a button to directly talk to FCA , family or 911. The small pendant has a speaker and microphone on the device, so the member can convey their needs.  It even answers a call like a cordless phone. With the different settings on the base unit a push button call can go to Friends and Family, 911,  or Friends and Family, then 911.
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The Quick-Call: Whether you call us from your telephone, your cellphone, or your Quick-Call button, when you call FCA you have 24/7/365 availability of a knowledgeable team of friendly people to address an emergency, provide advice, resolve a problem, or just chat. Whether the problem is big or small, medical or non-medical, please feel free to contact us whenever you have a concern. The call center staff is instructed by you as to what steps you would like FCA to take to respond to certain situations. A quick-call is our preferred way to hear from you when there is a new development that requires some attention. We will follow through to communicate with the other team members. FCA can only help you to the fullest extent possible when we get to know each other, and when we have earned your trust.
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