Empowered Aging
FCA monitors the cameras and motion sensors so you can relax, knowing someone else is checking in too. FCA 24/7 tech support accompanies the FCA 24/7 call center and video monitoring center that provide spot-checks several times a day depending on the service package. FCA staff can trouble-shoot any family and member request. More frequent video monitoring is available to address your coverage gaps or other concerns. If granted permission, family members may have secure video access to their loved ones easily through the FCA web-based platform from home, work or cellphone on-the-go. Video Cameras are placed in the house where they are the least noticeable and most effective. Normally cameras are placed in the corner of the living room, kitchen or dining room. They take snapshots when motion is sensed. They have great night vision! Motion Sensors are placed in the sensitive areas like the bedroom and bathroom, or off-limits places like cellar or attic. They do not take a snapshot but send an “alert” when triggered. Being battery powered gives great flexibility in placing them around the home. Door Sensors are placed on the main entrances. Noting when, or if the member left the home or has a visitor, is an essential part of the overall FCA monitoring system. We learn the routines and activities of our members to so we are aware of when caregivers should be present, when to expect members to be out of the house and if there are concerns about safety, medication compliance, and nutrition.
Video and Sensor Monitoring
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