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Video Monitoring and Call Center

The Video Check-In: Courteous, specially-trained FCA staff unobtrusively spot check the web-cams, motion  and door sensors and data logs during the day and night to make sure you are OK. The check-in interval is  determined by the package you have. Cameras are strategically placed to give you security and peace of mind  while being sensitive to your privacy concerns. Only trusted care-givers have access to your information. The  snapshots are often generated by motion in the room, and are date and time stamped for reliability to keep a  detailed daily video diary when necessary. The cameras have very good night-vision to help you even if the  lights are off. There is no audio used to further respect confidentiality. This video access is priceless is terms of  assessing changes in patterns, identifying potential crises, or just cataloguing regular events. Video support  complements direct on-site care and dramatically reduces healthcare costs by filling in any gaps in care  coverage. The video is accessible to family members wherever, whenever, and however they have access to  the internet even from a cellphone. 
Virtual Assisted Living Platform
Full Circle America’s Platform Features
Touch Reports
Touch reports are a Full Circle America creation.  Whenever you interact with someone else or  another member of your caregiving team comes  in contact with you, whether by phone, video, or  in person, FCA tries to integrate these  connections. By annotating a video snapshot, or  sending a message to another team member by  a variety of means, FCA seeks to provide highly  coordinated service to you and your loved ones  by filing date and time-stamped electronic Touch  Reports. 
The specially designed web-based FCA Virtual Assisted Living  Platform has been built to house the information collected about  you and shared in ways that protect your privacy but also allow  specifically designated individuals to have access to your data  to better serve your needs. From your personal interests and  hobbies, to the locations and involvement of your family,  friends, neighbors, and community, the FCA platform is  organized around you and your needs. Reports, schedules, and  routines are identified and compared to your usual patterns.  FCA staff is alerted by visual clues and deviations from normal,  and reports findings to the designated family or caregivers as  pre-arranged. Crises are addressed in a similar fashion.