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Virtual Assisted Living Platform
Many older individuals put off planning for their future needs until there is a crisis. This procrastination would be  understandable if the only option was moving to a facility and that isn’t what you want.  Most older individuals are aware that things are harder to do or take longer than they used to, but they are proud,  don’t want to bother anyone, and want to maintain their independence.  Often a small change requires a major adjustment and takes everyone by surprise. You are doing OK until you’re not.  FULL CIRCLE AMERICA has solutions for you. Have you evaluated the options? Do you have the money you need to choose the options you want? Do you have a  strong preference to downsize and move into town, to reduce your maintenance around the house by moving into an  apartment or into a retirement community? Have you looked into assisted living and felt that it would suit you very  well? Are you lonely or do you wish there was more activity for you every day?  If you have analysed your situation, and have arrived at a conclusion,   In order to stay in one’s own home, any issue related to a daily activity may need attention. The FULL CIRCLE  AMERICA comprehensive initial interview sets the stage for this kind of personal understanding. To achieve such an  ambitious agenda affordably, FCA draws support from members themselves, their families, peers, volunteers, and  paid personnel. FCA’s comprehensive solution helps you manage bill paying, arrange for shopping, errands, social  outings, and transportation, address home maintenance and repairs, find personal care, and access acute and chronic  medical needs. Anything less will fail to keep elders home. FCA has begun to develop relationships with as many  community partners as possible to serve this vision. The resources exist. Coordination is critical. Institutional inertia  and resistance to change must be overcome. With your trust and effort, we can begin with you and your family now  Coordination of complex lives demands caring, commitment, and dedication. Many institutions and agencies try to  coordinate care but most fall short because they don’t integrate the non-medical and the medical. We do. We commit  to provide holistic service to meet the biologic, psychologic, and social needs of your members. We provide access  around-the-clock and emphasize common sense problem solving rather than cookie-cutter solutions. A Full Circle  America staff person is readily available by telephone, cellphone, quick-call button, or Skype video call, whenever  called. FCA collaborates with each member and family to help meet his/her goals and needs. 
Worried About the Future?